"I would refer anyone to her without hesitation." - Patti

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Patient Testimonials

“I came to Tracy complaining of raynauds symptoms in my hands that had been ongoing for a few years and had been getting worse over time. From the moment I entered Tracy's care, I felt
I was working with a true professional. Not only is she obviously knowledgeable about acupuncture, but also she knows and can explain to you in lay terms how your body works in relation to Chinese medicine.
Over the few weeks
I was in her care, I saw steady improvement in my hands.
I'm very grateful for her thorough, caring and educated approach
to healing.” - Stacey

“Just when I feel like a giant whiner, Tracy asks for more input about what's bothering me. Then, she puts the information to
use right there. Sometimes, I've experienced immediate results, especially relieving sinus pressure. The whole experience is as relaxing as a day at the spa.” - Jackie

I have had great results with Tracy through the years and would not go to anyone else.” - P.T.

“After several months of tension headaches and joint pain in my knees and hips, a friend suggested I go see Tracy Andersen for acupuncture. At our first meeting, Tracy asked me all about my medical history, the nature of my areas of pain, and asked about any other chronic conditions I might have. She was very kind and genuinely concerned, and I was happy about her holistic approach to the improvement of my health. I was also impressed by the acupuncture experience—the dark room, the quiet music, and placement of needles I could barely feel—which immediately sent a humming sensation all through me and felt fantastic. Tracy has a very calming presence, ensures a soothing environment, both during consultation and treatment, and provides an experience that is completely relaxing as well as healing. She encouraged my attempts at exercise and healthy diet, provided suggestions for eating choices and lifestyle shifts, and, most importantly, after less than 2 months of treatment, my daily tension headaches were gone, and my joint pain faded away. At each visit, Tracy asks about all of my past concerns or problems, and modifies the treatment to help in any new or pre-existing areas. I continue to go for acupuncture (and shiatsu) treatment because I want to maintain my well-being—and because it feels so good!” - Sarah A.

“I started seeing Tracy when my back pain was so severe that I could not lie down to receive acupuncture treatments. Tracy was able to treat me in a sitting position. I would often see relief by the end of a treatment session from my back pain. As an added benefit, I found that acupuncture is an extremely effective treatment for my depression. I would receive relief in a matter of minutes. It has been a miracle for me. I have had treatment with other practitioners, but after a treatment with Tracy I always
felt pampered and relaxed when I left. She is very gentle but
gets results.” - Chris

“After seeing a hand specialist for arthritis, which was affecting my thumb grip-in addition to being very painful, I saw Tracy for acupuncture. I am SO glad I did. (I had no intention of proceeding with the surgery recommended by the surgeon, but continued to have pain). These treatments with Tracy have made all the difference. I still get periodic treatments—but my hands are substantially improved. I have less pain. I can grip a glass. I can maneuver a scissors and pen with less pain. I have recommended acupuncture with Tracy to several friends and will continue to.” - Coleen

“I started my acupuncture treatment in the winter of 2006. I had suffered from severe TMJ problems for years. I had tried almost every dentist recommended remedy but found that most of them only sparked new types of pain or only temporarily fixed the problem. Most dentists suggested I have surgery, but I felt very uncomfortable going down that road after talking to other TMJ sufferers . . .I came to Tracy for help when I started to suffer from constantly reoccurring Charlie horses in my jaw. I was desperate for relief, as well as anxious because I had an up coming dental operation. I was afraid that any more dental work would ultimately lead me to surgery for my TMJ. I didn't expect much when I came to Tracy. I knew very little about acupuncture and eastern medial practices. I tried it because I was desperate. Now I recommend acupuncture to everyone I know. I truly feel like it was my salvation. I went from a girl who was terrified of needles to a girl that gets excited about them. I didn't think I could ever live without TMJ pain. I've been through two extensive dental procedures since my treatment with Tracy and have been completely without pain! This is huge! Acupuncture changed my life!” - Chelsea

“Tracy is the best! I came to her through a referral when I could barely walk from a back injury. Because of her I was able to manage my pain without taking prescription painkillers. I have been seeing her for over a year for different injuries, and a multitude of health problems. Each has become so much better due to her healing. I work pretty crazy hours sometimes and she is great about getting me in quickly if need be. She is always a pleasure to see, and her main concern is making you feel better. She's knowledgeable about herbal remedies, and really was able to help me with a custom herbal prescription when I was having a lot of sleeping problems earlier this year. I recommend Tracy to my friends and family if they need acupuncture, and will continue to see her for all of my ailments.” - Alyson

“Tracy is a gifted healer and beautiful human being. After having been treated previously by another acupuncturist I was absolutely blown away by Tracy's knowledge and intuition. I went to her in a time when I was very ill, and she literally rescued me. Also, I regularly suffer from migraines and I have not had one since I have been in her care. I am so grateful that Tracy is a part of my life. Thank you Tracy, love you!!!” - Shauna

“I enjoyed the service given by Tracy Andersen. I found her to actually care about her patients. She went the extra mile in order to help me. I am not from the Portland, Oregon area, but live out of state and needed some immediate care while visiting my children. Tracy is very gentle and is very concerned about the comfort of the procedures. The acupuncture was a positive experience for me. It helped me with my back and leg pain.
I would definitely go to her office again
, when I am in the Portland area.” - Cyndie

“Your newsletter is GREAT! Congratulations on being so close to finishing your Doctoral program! FANTASTIC!!! Tracy, I wanted to thank-you for your assistance with helping my husband regain his health! I know we were only with you once, but we've carried on with your advice and suggestions! I'm happy to report that Dennis made a FULL recovery!!! He's been off meds - except for thyroid - for over a year and is still amazing his doctors! YAHOO!!! You played a part in his amazing recovery, Tracy, and we will always be grateful to you for that!!! When/if we need acupuncture, you will be our first choice! Wishing you the very best..." - Peggy

“I had originally seen Tracy almost two years ago for some tendonitis in my arm and with her mix of shiatsu and acupuncture was able to make my arm feel almost 100%. More recently I have been seeing her for allergies that plague me through out the year and when I get a chance to see her I am able to live allergy free for up to two weeks! She is a very caring person who really pays attention to what you are telling her. She is also always learning new things that continue to make her a better and better practitioner. I would feel great about sending anyone I knew to her.” - Emma

"Tracy—Our Baby girl was born Thursday (didn't have to be induced) 6lb 8oz, 19 inches long. The birth was complication free and I was in the hospital less than 3 hours before she was born. I think I owe my easy birth to you!! Thank you so much, I am a true believer in acupuncture!!" - Melissa

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ColleAgue Testimonials

Tracy's work has been a great asset to the complementary treatment of our mutual patients. Many have reported significant relief of musculoskeletal symptoms, often in just a few visits. For those new to acupuncture, Tracy's kind and patient demeanor set them quickly at ease.” - Joyce McClure, D.C.

"Tracy showed me a great method for treating sinus problems. She also has shown me some wonderful alternative modalities, such as meridian stimulation using tuning forks. She is personable, kind, and a great listener, and I believe her Shiatsu work keeps her very energetically sensitive. Her connections with the best of Portland's acupuncture community keep her on the pulse of the latest techniques." - David Shreeve, LAc

"I have worked with Tracy in many settings: as a fellow student, professional colleague, patient and friend. She is a dedicated practitioner with strong intuitive gifts that allow her to provide insight into many situations. I appreciate the honesty and integrity she brings forth in her work." - M.Y.

“It has been an honor witnessing Tracy's professional growth as a healer. Her caring, nurturing, and consistent quality of care has proven effective in my own health. Thank you Tracy!” - April Schulte-Barclay LAc

“Tracy Andersen is truly an acupuncturist with heart. Being a good acupuncturist is not just about putting needles in certain points along the body. It is something much greater than that & involves a deep energetic exchange between patient & doctor. This is part of the healing process. Tracy Andersen not only carries amazing intellectual knowledge but a true soul knowledge as well, which allows for more authentic healing. I would refer anyone to her without hesitation.” - Patti

“What a gift finding Tracy Andersen has been. I first saw her for a cough I had been nursing for weeks and couldn’t seem to kick. After the first treatment I felt great and was back on track. Every time I come in, I am impressed by her gentle effective technique. Her dedication and extensive knowledge base really sets her apart from other practitioners.” - Raina

“Tracy is wonderful asset to the Portland healing community. Her professionalism and expertise in the healing art of Traditional Chinese Medicine is exemplary and reflects her deep understanding of a balanced life and good health. She has been at the forefront of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in the Portland area,working on becoming one of the few acupuncturist who have completed a Doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. Her experience in the healing arts and devotion to learning the classic theories of TCM is a reflection of her dedication in helping patients enhance their healing ability through the practice of TCM. I would highly recommend her services to anyone and I would refer any patient to her who has a desire to live a healthy and balanced life.” - LTC Fujio McPherson, USA, retired MSN, ARNP, LAc, Family Nurse Practitioner / Licensed Acupuncturist

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